The artworks included in Time Capsules honor and celebrate the people and history of the Camden area, especially the spirit of Camden High School, which occupied this site for 25 years, from 1955 to 1980.  Each piece captures a different aspect of life in this community in a distinctive way, representing everything from its pastoral past, to mementos of the high school, to personal perspectives gathered from present day residents.

Time Capsules is a multi faceted public art project designed and produced for the Camden Community Center by the Art in the Community class at San Jose State University. This collaborative venture between San Jose State University faculty and students and the local community is a truly innovative approach to public art making. The individual art installations produced for the Camden Community Center vary in media and concept, reflecting the diverse talents and aesthetics of a group of artists whose specialties include sculpture, photography, painting, and printmaking.

Camden Community Center is a “green building,” and in the spirit of environmental awareness, the Time Capsules project was produced, whenever possible, with Earth and people friendly materials.

This project was produced for the people who inspired the artists to create it, the Camden residents, a community full of fondness and pride for their neighborhood. 

The Art in the Community class was taught by Professor Robin Lasser + Professor Linda Walsh